Quantimetix´s mission is to improve the quality of patient care around the world through science, technology and outstanding customer service while managing our business with integrity and the highest ethical standards. Quantimetrix designs, develops, and manufactures laboratory quality products at our headquarters in Redondo Beach, California. They are leaders in the field of liquid-stable quality control products, having pioneered these innovations more than 40 years ago. Their world-class portfolio improves the efficiency and reliability of laboratory testing and patient care.



Analyytit: Bilirubiini, veri, kreatiniini, glukoosi, hCG, ketoaineet, leukosyytit, mikroalbumiini, nitriitti, pH, proteiini, suhteellinen tiheys, urobilinogeeni

BIOQ1440-01 Dipper Urinanalysis Dipstick Control, Level 1 & 2 6 x 15 ml
BIOQ1442-61 Dipper Urinanalysis Dipstick Control, Abnormal Level 2 6 x 15 ml
BIOQ1400-02 Dipper POCT Urinanalysis Dipstick Control, Level 1 & 2 20 x 1,5 ml
BIQU1440-02 Dropper Urinanalysis Dipstick Control, Level 1 & 2 4 x 25 ml
BIQU1440-04 Dropper Plus Point-of-Care Urinanalysis Dipstick Control, Level 1 & 2 10 x 5 ml




BIQU1311-31 Ammonia/Alcohol – Low 3 x 5 ml
BIQU1312-31 Ammonia/Alcohol – Mid 3 x 5 ml
BIQU1313-31 Ammonia/Alcohol – High 3 x 5 ml


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