Independent third party control materials for automated haematology

Are you looking for Third party quality controls (QC) for blood count analyzers and ESR analyzers? Labquality’s traceable QC products are an interesting alternative for those laboratories and POCT sites that value traceability and long shelf life.

Third party quality controls are independent of the measuring instrument or test provider. In contrast to the test manufacturer’s controls, third party products have not been designed or optimized for any specific instrument or test system. This independence makes it possible to ensure the actual performance of the instrument or test and to detect any level changes that may occur when a new test batch is taken into use.

Labquality´s Bioclin products are trusted and used daily by a large number of laboratories in Europe.

Most popular products

Controls for haematology analyzers

Basic blood count

  • BI0000170 B-Trol® Plus I – Normal Level (3 mL)
  • BI0000172 B-Trol® Plus II – Abnormal Level (3 mL)

Leukocyte differential count, 5-part

  • BI0000187 B-Trol® 5-Diff Sysmex – Level 1 (4.5 mL)
  • BI0000188 B-Trol® 5-Diff Sysmex – Level 2 (4.5 mL)
  • BI0000189 B-Trol® 5-Diff Sysmex – Level 3 (4.5 mL)
  • BI0000190 B-Trol® 5-Diff Advia – Level 1 (3.5 mL)
  • BI0000191 B-Trol® 5-Diff Advia – Level 2 (3.5 mL)
  • BI0000192 B-Trol® 5-Diff Advia – Level 3 (3.5 mL)

Reticulocyte count

  • BI0000193 B-Trol® Retic Advia – Level 1 (4 mL)
  • BI0000194 B-Trol® Retic Advia – Level 2 (4 mL)
  • BI0000195 B-Trol® Retic Advia – Level 3 (4 mL)
  • BI0000196 B-Trol® Retic Sysmex– Level 1 (3 mL)
  • BI0000197 B-Trol® Retic Sysmex – Level 2 (3 mL)
  • BI0000198 B-Trol® Retic Sysmex – Level 3 (3 mL)

Controls for ESR analyzers

  • BI0000420 B-Trol® Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate – Normal Level (9 mL)
  • BI0000421 B-Trol® Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate – Normal Level (4.5 mL)
  • BI0000422 B-Trol® Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate – Abnormal Level (9 mL)
  • BI0000423 B-Trol® Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate – Abnormal Level (4.5 mL)

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