Preanalytical EQA Schemes

Labquality’s preanalytical external quality assessment schemes provide a unique means to assess a larger part of the total laboratory testing cycle. With these products, laboratories can extend their quality assurance beyond the commonly assessed analytics to the phase where most errors arise. Managing all phases of the total testing cycle is equally important to ensure patient safety.

EQA schemes for the preanalytical phase

  • 7800 Preanalytics, clinical chemistry
  • 7802 Preanalytics, microbiology
  • 7801 Preanalytics, phlebotomy
  • 7804 Preanalytics, POCT
  • 7806 Preanalytics and process in anatomic pathology
  • 7807 Preanalytics, Pneumatic sample transport
  • 8817 HIL-index [DEKS]

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Total process EQA

Labquality’s Integrated EQA service is a completely new approach to external quality assessment. These new programs integrate pre- and post-analytical EQA schemes to traditional analytical EQA providing full support for ISO 15189 standard requirements.

The EQA Programme 2022 has over 40 Integrated EQA schemes that include pre- and/or post-analytical cases. All integrated EQA schemes are marked with the EQA3 label in our EQA Product Catalogue 2022.

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