New notifications facilitate interpretation of EQA reports

Based on the recent feedback from international participants, interpretation of reports and easy access to the deviating EQA results are the most important things when rating EQA service. During last year, Labquality has renewed most of the reports to provide clarity and graphics for easier interpretation of results. Many new features have been implemented and more are coming this year.

Now we are proud to present report notifications in LabScala EQA software. We have created two new features to help our clients notice in case something in the their EQA -results needs immediate attention.

New features

  1. Warnings by email
    For the numerical rounds, LabScala will send a notification to the client´s email in case the client has not responded or if their results are out of Labquality’s target limits in their own method group.
  2. Color scheme at LabScala
    There will be couriered dots in the report depository of LabScala indicating whether there is nothing to notify, results are missing or there is an automatic notification generated for a report (see image above).

We hope this will help our clients to find deviating results faster, especially in the schemes where there is a lot of numerical data. Please remind your personnel to keep their emails in LabScala up to date, so that they can get full advantage of these great new features.

Labquality has almost 50-years of experience of providing external quality assessment programs for medical laboratories and point-of-care testing. Please find more information about Labquality´s clinically relevant EQA programs from our website .

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