Labquality introduces the new Regulatory Essentials in Health Tech training series

The new Regulatory Essentials in Health Tech training series is a perfect choice for in health technology start-ups who wish to receive a condensed but still comprehensive review on the applicable regulations and their effect on business. Moreover, the training series fits also to those who have been working in the sector for a while but would like to update their knowledge on regulations.

The Regulatory Essentials in Health Tech training series is tailored to turn regulatory compliance into a business advantage for health tech companies and to avoid the typical pitfalls of the sector. The training series is complemented with Entries, the Digital Regulatory Runway service, to navigate the basic regulatory requirements in a matter of minutes. This combination of services results in months’ worth of savings for the innovators in reaching the market.

✔ Coverage.
The training series on Regulatory Essentials in Health Tech provides a compact and yet comprehensive review on the regulatory requirements for the commercialization of health technology. The eleven sessions cover what is needed to develop the product, a management system and compliant documentation starting from Day One and why these are central for your business.

✔ Diversity. Learn the best practices and update your knowledge with attendees of various backgrounds. This is a great opportunity to benchmark your knowledge on the regulatory compliance of therapeutic and diagnostic products, medical software and mobile applications and any other type of medical devices.

✔ Interactive. Each session provides the opportunity to ask for specific questions and to validate your thinking related to your own product. The learning platform and exercises support the learning experience.

✔ Digital tools. During the training series we will run examples on Entries, the digital tool that helps you navigate the complex regulations and make important choices concerning your device. Attendees are granted open access to Entries for the duration of a full year.

Take part in the Regulatory Essential in Health Tech training series and discover all stages from the birth of a medical device or in vitro diagnostic innovation to market access and post-market surveillance!

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