Labquality introduces new EQA schemes 

Labquality announces a new EQA scheme for Preanalytics of Pneumatic Sample Transport.  

The new EQA scheme predicts haemolysis related to transport as well as analyte-specific rejection probabilities for K+, LDH and AST by using a surrogate blood sample that measures vibration. Sample haemolysis is the primary cause of blood sample rejection and an unknown but often significant amount of haemolysis originates in transport. The scheme is intended for medical laboratories using pneumatic tube systems for blood sample transportation.   

– This is a very interesting new type of preanalytical EQA scheme. The aim is to provide laboratories with opportunities to monitor – and in the long run decrease – sample haemolysis originating in transport. In addition to gaining cost-benefits, it is possible to improve patient safety, if the number of sample rejections can be decreased, says Labquality’s Development Manager Heidi Berghäll.    

Labquality announces also a new EQA scheme for Francisella tularensis, antibody detection. Each round will provide two one-donor serum or plasma samples.  

Registration for both schemes is open until 31 May 2021. In addition to these two, there will be other new EQA schemes introduced this spring.  


Pneumatic Sample Transport

Francisella tularensis, antibodies

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