Labquality EQA programme 2022 – Out now!

Labquality proudly presents the new external quality assessment programme for 2022. The new product catalogue introduces 7 new EQA schemes. The programme includes more than 170 clinically relevant external quality assessment schemes in total, and it is fully compliant with ISO15189 standard requirements. Labquality provides clinically relevant EQA programs to support continuous quality improvements for the benefit of patients. Labquality’s external quality assessment programme is aimed at medical laboratories and point of care testing sites.

New schemes and products

  • 2281 Interleukin-6
  • 5851 Francisella tularensis, antibodies
  • 5651 CMV and EBV, nucleic acid detection, quantitative
  • 2753 Gastric biomarkers
  • 2526 Ketones (beta-hydroxybutyrate), POCT
  • 5562 Multiple Respiratory Virus nucleic acid detection
  • 7807 Preanalytics, Pneumatic Sample Transport

Information about pilot schemes’ contents and schedules will be announced later. Pilot schemes are EQA schemes under our product development.

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