Labquality´s EQA Programme 2020

We are proud to introduce our new external quality assessment program for 2020. New program includes over 170 clinically relevant EQA programs which covers all main areas of laboratory medicine, microbiology and anatomic pathology. Already 6500 clinical laboratories and point of care testing sites globally have chosen Labquality as their primary EQA provider.

Highlights from the new programme

  • 7 new programs for 2020
  • 6 programs for preanalytical EQA
  • 40 integrated EQA programs including pre- and post-analytical evaluation
  • 24 programs for molecular microbiology
  • 9 programs for bacterial culture including antimicrobial susceptibility testing
  • 40 programs suitable for point of care testing
  • Full program for blood banks


Intergrated EQA

Integrated EQA service is a completely new approach to external quality assessment. New programs integrate pre- and post-analytical EQA schemes to traditional analytical EQA providing a full support for ISO15189 standard requirements. In addition of EQA samples, integrated EQA programs include preanalytical and/or postanalytical questions based on given cases. Preanalytical and postanalytical cases are provided by Labquality´s experts from clinical laboratories.


More information

Please contact to Labquality´s customer service or our national partners to get more information about labquality´s EQA service, subscription and pricing.




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