EQAS for Multiplex Methods

Multiplex (MPX) real-time PCR methods are rapid molecular diagnostic test systems enabling simultaneous detection of multiple pathogens causing similar clinical manifestations, e. g. respiratory, gastrointestinal or sexually transmitted diseases. The use of syndromic MPX testing has increased in clinical microbiology diagnostic settings during the recent years as a variety of commercial test systems have become available and they have become more cost-effective.

MPX tests set new requirements for external quality assessment (EQA) compared to traditional mono or duplex tests. It is not economical for the laboratories to participate in several pathogen-specifc EQA schemes. However, large EQA test panels are also costly and therefore the EQA providers must optimize the number of specimens/pathogens per round as well as the number of distributions per year. Multiple distributions throughout the year offer participants regularity to their external quality control and a sufcient selection of pathogens should be covered during the annual scheme.

Labquality´s EQA program for multiplex methods

5191 Faecal bacterial pathogens multiplex, nucleic acid detection

5300 Respiratory infections multiplex, nucleic acid detection

5302 Sexually transmitted diseases multiplex, nucleic acid detection 

5303 Meningitis-encephalitis multiplex, nucleic acid detection


EQALM Symposium 18-19 October, 2018 in Zagreb

EQALM Symposium brings together all external quality assessment providers from Europe and from other continents too.  Labquality has a poster of Multiplex EQA schemes in the Symposium. You are very welcome to meet us in Zagreb or you can download our poster below.


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  1. Hieno homma, että LQ :llä on posteri EQALM-kokouksessa. Ja vielä hienompaa, että se on muustakin kuin kemiasta. Runsasta mielenkiintoa!

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