EQA Programme 2019

Labquaity´s clinically relevant EQA Programme 2019 opens a completely new approach to external quality assessment. New programme includes more that 30 Integrated EQA programs which combines preanalytical and postanalytical quality assessment to traditional EQA schemes. Labquality´s Integrated EQA program is the only available external quality assessment program which provides full support to ISO15189 requirements.

Labquality´s new programme includes 171 EQA schemes covering most of the medical laboratory expertises and point-of-care testing. Main programs are ISO17043 accredited.


Main external quality assessment programs

Click the name of the program to open the list of available EQA schemes. You can find online basic details of each program. If you need more details or example reports, contact to Labquality´s customer service info@labquality.fi

Special categories


Highlights from the programme


More information

Labquality´s customer service
+358 9 85668200


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