EQA Program for Multiplex

Labquality´s EQA programme 2018 includes completely new EQA program, multiplex. New program is designed for quality assurance of multiplex instruments and methods. New program covers the nucleic acid detection of the most important pathogens of respiratory infections, intestinal infections and sexually transmitted infections.

Multiplex programs are:

  • 5300 Respiratory infections multiplex, nucleic acid detection
  • 5191 Faecal bacterial pathogens multiplex, nukcleic acid detection
  • 5302 Sexually transmitted infections multiplex, nucleic acid detection

External quality assessment rounds include from two to four rounds in 2018. Each round has a set of samples, which contains varying combination or pathogens. The aim of the multiplex EQA scheme is to cover all important pathogens during a calendar year. Multiplex EQA program is designed to follow the normal laboratory processes providing the best benefit to all participants.

New multiplex programs are completing current minipanels, which will remain in our EQA programme providing an appropriate EQA for those laboratories and point-of-care sites which have narrow selection of tests available.

Current minipanels are:

Labquality´s 2018 EQA programme will be published within few weeks and sent to the direct customers and partners of Labquality in the end of September. New EQA programme includes several other interesting new schemes as well. Read more about our EQA service from our website and follow our postings on social media.

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