A new EQA round for CMV/EBV Nucleic Acid quantitative detection will take place in November 2021 

Labquality has conducted a pilot round for its new quantitative CMV and EBV Nucleic Acid Detection Scheme. The pilot round including participants from 6 different countries was organised at the end of 2020 . The next round will take place in November 2021, registration is open until June 25, 2021. 

– The pilot round was a success. Altogether we had 19 participants from Chile, Greece, Lithuania, Croatia, Israel, and Finland. The next round is currently in production and will consist of five of ready-to-use plasma simulating samples. One advantage of this scheme is that we have combined quantitative CMV and EBV nucleic acid assays in the same schemeHowever, it is also possible to participate if the laboratory only tests for one of these analytes. Each participant will receive quantitative result report on their results including comments by our scheme expert, says Labquality’s EQA Coordinator Kati Luiro. 

Read more about this EQA scheme >>


Labquality is a Finnish independent provider of external quality assessment. Our EQA schemes are internationally recognized high-quality programs with a clinical scope.  

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