Clinical Investigations

A clinical investigation is a systematic and planned regime of continuous generation, collection, analysis, and evaluation of clinical data on a medical device. 

Clinical investigations are demanding processes, but they are also the most reliable way to produce high-quality information about the operation of a medical device. 

Labquality provides services and expertise in the planning, preparation, and conduct of clinical investigations
in accordance with the internationally acknowledged ISO 14155:2020 standard, as well as considering MDR and national requirements.

It is advisable to start planning the investigation in the early stages of product development so that it will align with clinical evaluation. Seamless collaboration with our clinical investigation team and medical device consultants
will guarantee the best possible results for our clients.

Research design should begin early in product development to align with clinical evaluation. 

Our clinical investigation experts will: 

Identify and determine the need, conditions, and requirements for a clinical investigation 

Participate in the preparation, writing, and evaluating of the investigation plan 

Prepare the necessary processes and documents needed for the investigation 

Prepare the permits and manage the permitting processes efficiently 

Act as project managers of the clinical investigation, and they will put together the necessary team and tools to conduct the investigation 

Prepare budgets and negotiate contracts with the healthcare units that will conduct the studies 

Prepare a monitoring plan and monitor the investigation

Labquality now offers an even wider range of clinical investigation services through its new subsidiary ARTIMED Medical Consulting GmbH in Germany.

Read the news release about the acquisition here >>

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