Internal Quality Assessment

The internal quality assurance (IQAS) includes all the measures that are taken to ensure that the results of laboratory instruments or point-of-care tests are correct and reproducible from one measurement to another. In internal quality assurance, calibrators and reference materials are used to ensure the accuracy of the results, and third party quality controls are used for continuous internal quality assessment of laboratory tests.

What are third party controls?

Third party quality controls are independent of the measuring instrument or test provider. In contrast to the test manufacturer’s controls, third party products have not been designed or optimized for any specific instrument or test system. This independence makes it possible to ensure the actual performance of the instrument or test and to detect any level changes that may occur when a new test batch is taken into use. Since they have a shelf-life of up to several years, third party controls are suitable for long-term quality assessment, for which the test manufacturer’s controls usually cannot be used.

What are control products used for?

  • Internal quality assessment of routine and special laboratory tests
  • Quality control of point-of-care tests
  • Ensuring the daily reproducibility of tests results
  • Detection of lot-to-lot variation

Why choose Labquality’s products?

Labquality has more nearly 50 years of experience in assessing the quality of laboratory tests. Our experts select the best products on the international market and help laboratories and point-of-care testing sites to find products that meet their needs. In addition to quality controls, Labquality provides external quality assessment and training for medical laboratories.




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