Bioclin QC Product Family

The Bioclin product family consists of traceable quality controls (QC), calibrators and reference products for internal quality assurance of medical laboratories and point of care tesing sites. Bioclin products are used daily by a large number of laboratories in Europe.

The Bioclin product family includes products used for:

  • Calibration of Bilirubin assays
  • Validation of Vitamin D assays
  • Calibration and QC of CRP assays
  • Quality control of Glucose and HbA1c assays
  • Quality control of Hemocue leukocyte counters
  • Calibration and quality control of INR assays
  • Quality control of ESR instruments and tests
  • Quality control of Reumathoid factor (RF) assays
  • Quality control of Streptococcus A antigen rapid tests
  • Quality control of blood count analyzers
  • Quality control of quantitative urine assays


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