Internal Quality Assurance

Labquality provides traceable quality controls (QC), calibrators and reference materials for internal quality assurance in medical laboratories and point of care sites. The quality controls are used to carry out daily assessments of laboratory tests to ensure the reproducibility of the laboratory results

New products!

New from SeraCare! AccuPlex SARS-CoV-2 Reference Material Kit

In response to the severe threat to public health posed by the global spread of COVID-19, LGC SeraCare has developed reference materials utilizing their proprietary AccuPlex technology.


Internal quality control (QC) ensures reproducibility

Labquality’s traceable QC products allow medical laboratories and point of care sites to ensure that the test results remain sufficiently constant from one day to another and that it is possible to make correct treatment decisions and diagnosis on the basis of the test results

A wide range of international brand QC products

Our selection of control products includes many significant international representations. We test and select the best products from the control manufacturers and offer them to laboratories. Labquality’s broad range of products includes controls, standards and reference products for both special analyses and point-of-care tests.

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