Virtual microscopy demo

Virtual microscopy is an advanced approach to interpretative external quality assessment schemes. On this demo site, you can test that your internet connection and internet browser are compatible with the Aiforia cloud webmicroscope.


Virtual microscopy is a method of sharing microscope images, and transmitting them over, computer networks. This allows independent viewing of images by large numbers of people in diverse locations. It involves a synthesis of microscopy technologies and digital technologies.

The use of virtual microscopes is transforming traditional external quality assessment schemes by removing the reliance on physical space, equipment, and specimens to a model that is solely dependent upon computer-internet access. There are no more logistical delays or issues with specimen homogeneity. This increases the convenience of participating to interpretative EQA schemes and making the cases available globally.

Virtual microscopy schemes

Open demo samples from button: TRY VIRTUAL MICROSCOPY. With Aiforia cloud webmicroscope you are able to focus the microscope picture, adjust image contrast and brightness and measure the size of cells / particles.


Labquality virtual microscopy EQA scheme for hematology.4180 Leucocyte differential count and evaluation of blood cell morphology, virtual microscopy


5450 Parasites in faeces, virtual microscopy
5470-5471 Parasites in Blood, virtual microscopy

Diagnostic cytology

6700-6701 Gynaecological cytology, virtual microscopy
6702 Non-gynaecological cytology, virtual microscopy

Diagnostic histolopathology

6542 Histopathology, virtual microscopy


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