Scientific Posters

Labquality’s experts have worked on several pilot projects, resulting in these scientific posters being presented at various international congresses.

Preanalytical EQA for PTS: A Modern Pneumatic Tube System Monitoring Tool for Clinical Laboratories

Heidi Berghäll (1), Iida Silvo (1), Kristel Virtanen (1),
Chris Dail (2), Jonna Pelanti (1)
1 Labquality, Helsinki, Finland
2 Motryx, Halifax, NS, Canada

Won the best poster award voted by the audience at the 6th EFLM Conference on Preanalytical Phase 2022

First results of an international external quality assessment pilot scheme for SARS-CoV-2 antigen detection

Heidi Berghäll (1), Marsa Järvenpää (1), Matti Waris (2), Vesa Mäntynen (3), Jonna Pelanti (1)
1 Labquality, Helsinki, Finland
2 Department of Virology, University of Turku, Finland
3 Nordlab, Oulu, Finland

Presented at the IFCC Virtual Conference on Critical Role of Clinical Laboratories in the Covid-19 Pandemic 2021

The effect of target values on the performance of photometric glucose results in a general clinical chemistry EQA-scheme

Jonna Pelanti (1), Dalius Vitkus (2), Heidi Berghäll (1) 
1 Labquality, Helsinki, Finland
2 Department of Physiology, Biochemistry, Microbiology and Laboratory Medicine, Vilnius University, Lithuania

Presented at the EQALM Symposium 2019.


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