External Quality Assessment Program for

Preanalytics, Pneumatic Sample Transport

Labquality is announcing a new EQA scheme for Preanalytics of Pneumatic Sample Transport. Sample haemolysis is the primary cause of blood sample rejection, accounting for 40-80% of all preanalytical errors; an unknown but often significant amount of haemolysis originates in transport. According to the preanalytical quality indicators established by IFCC, the number of samples rejected due to haemolysis should be monitored on regular basis. This new EQA scheme predicts haemolysis related to transport as well as analyte-specific rejection probabilities for K+, LDH and AST by using a surrogate blood sample that measures vibration.

The scheme is intended for medical laboratories using pneumatic tube systems for blood sample transportation. Round 1, 2021 in May 2021, measuring the transport line from the emergency department to the laboratory, will be a pilot study free of charge for a limited number of participants (excluding postage fee for returning the VitalVials to Labquality). Round 2, 2021 in October will be chargeable offering measurements of up to three transport lines. Registration includes participation in both rounds.

EQA Pilot Study Process and Outcomes

  • Participants will receive two surrogate blood samples (“VitalVials”) to send through their pneumatic tube system from the hospital emergency department to the laboratory. The VitalVials should be handled, packaged, and sent as regular patient samples. Participants will send the devices back to Labquality for data upload.
  • Standardized analysis and reporting of the effect of a participant’s preanalytical transport on blood samples and common analytes from emergency to the laboratory in relation to their peers.
  • Ability to determine contribution of transport to total observed haemolysis (vs. other pre-analytical factors), valuable for emergency department which often has highest haemolysis.
  • Result evaluations will be published in the final report distributed to all participants.

Preanalytical Sample Transport

Samples:             2 VitalVials surrogate blood samples
1, 2021 May – pilot study free of charge
                               2, 2021 October – for pricing please contact your local distributor or
                               Labquality’s customer service
Registration:     Please register by 26 April, 2021 using this link


For more information contact Labquality’s customer service info@labquality.fi or

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