Gastric biomarkers

External Quality Assessment Program

As one of the newest additions to our program for 2021 we are introducing an EQA scheme for gastric biomarkers. Gastric biomarker testing is intended as the first-line diagnostics for dyspeptic complaints to detect Helicobacter pylori infection and atrophic gastritis (mucosal atrophy) caused by helicobacter or autoimmune disease.

EQA Scheme Information
Two Gastric biomarkers EQA rounds will be conducted annually. The first round will be in May 2021 with a pilot study status and the second round will be distributed in November 2021. Each round will include two samples. The participants will submit their results through Labquality´s online platform LabScala. The results will be processed by the EQA coordinator and result evaluations will be published in the final report distributed to all participants.

2753 Gastric biomarkers

Samples:          2 samples/round – lyophilized or liquid samples
Analytes:         Pepsinogen I, Pepsinogen II, Gastrin-17, Helicobacter pylori Ab
Round 1:         
 June 2021 (pilot study free of charge for a limited number of participants)
Round 2:         
November 2021 (chargeable; for pricing, please contact your local distributor or

                            Labquality’s customer service)
Please register by May 31st, 2021, using
this link.
Registration for the pilot study includes participation in both rounds in 2021. 



For more information contact Labquality’s customer service or

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