CMV and EBV, nucleic acid detection, quantitative

External Quality Assessment Program

The scheme combines quantitative CMV and EBV nucleic acid assays.
It is also possible to participate to test one of the analytes only.
Please register by June 25, 2021 on Labquality´s online platform LabScala.

EQA Scheme Information
A quantitative CMV/EBV Nucleic Acid Detection Round will be organised annually. The next round will be distributed in November 2021 and it includes five ready-to-use plasma simulating samples. The participants will submit their results through Labquality´s online platform LabScala. The results will be processed by the EQA coordinator and each participant will receive a quantitative result report on their results including comments by the scheme expert.

5651 CMV and EBV, nucleic acid detection, quantitative
Samples:               5 simulated samples
Type:                      Phycical sample
Examinations:    CMV and EBV NAT, quantitative
Round 1:                November 2021



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