Annual EQA Programme

Labquality’s external quality assessment programme is aimed at medical laboratories and public social welfare and healthcare units that conduct point-of-care tests. The programme includes more than 170 first-rate quality assessment schemes. Our full range of services can be viewed easily using our front-page product search function. Open product search


New schemes and changes in the 2019 programme

Integrated EQA schemes (EQA3)

Integrated EQA schemes combine pre-analytical, analytical and post-analytical EQA to one scheme fulfilling ISO 15189 requirements. The EQA Programme 2019 has over 30 Integrated EQA schemes that include pre and/or postanalytical cases. All integrated EQA schemes are marked with EQA3 label.



New schemes and products 2019

  • 5303 Meningitis-encephalitis multiplex, nucleic acid detection
  • 5222 Mycobacteria, extra set of samples
  • 4156 Reticulocyte count, automated: Mindray
  • 2481 Vitamin A, E and D metabolites, extra set of samples


2019 discontinued schemes and products

  • 1002 Haemoglobin for analyzers
  • 4336 POCT INR evaluation scheme
  • 5474 Trichomonas vaginalis, antigen detection


Please find details of traditional and new schemes from product search page


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