EQA Programme 2018

Labquality’s external quality assessment programme is aimed at medical laboratories and public social welfare and healthcare units that conduct point-of-care tests. The programme includes more than 160 first-rate quality assessment schemes. We have recently expanded our programme to include EQASs for veterinary medicine. Our full range of services can be viewed easily using our front-page product search function. Open product search


New schemes and changes in the 2018 programme

Integrated EQA schemes

In our new combination schemes, traditional quality assessment schemes are combined with pre- and post-analytic schemes, providing full ISO 15189 compliance.

  • 5940 Coeliac disease, antibodies
  • 2301 Hormones B: Steroid and peptide hormones
  • 2200 Lipids and lipoproteins
  • 2240 Proteins, electrophoresis
  • 1072 Serum A, lyophilized samples
  • 5060 Urine culture, quantitative screening
  • 5065 Urine culture, quantitative screening, identification
    and susceptibility



New schemes and products 2018

  • 7130 ECG, interpretation
  • 8817 HIL-index [DEKS]
  • 5086 Human papillomavirus, nucleic acid detection
  • 5300 Respiratory infections multiplex, nucleic acid detection
  • 5302 Sexually transmitted diseases multiplex, nucleic acid detection
  • 2685 Tryptase [UK NEQAS]
  • 4156 Reticulocyte count, automated: Mindray


Discontinued schemes and products

  • 5970 Enteropathogens
  • 4332 INR, Alere INRatio, POCT


Please find details of traditional and new schemes from product search page


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