External Quality Assessment

Labquality’s external quality assessment schemes are designed for medical laboratories and point-of-care testing sites to monitor and improve their performance. Labquality provides objective and independent assessments, which support your existing quality system.



EQA Programme 2022

Labquality´s  new external quality assessment service programme includes more than 170 quality assessment schemes, covering all specialties of laboratory medicine. Furthermore, the programme includes an extensive selection of services designed for medical laboratories and point-of-care testing sites. Read more >>

Integrated EQA Service

Integrated EQA service is a completely new approach to external quality assessment. New programs integrate pre- and post-analytical EQA schemes to traditional analytical EQA providing a full support for ISO15189 standard requirements. Read more >>

New pilot rounds

Labquality is planning new EQA pilot studies for 2022. The pilot rounds will be free of charge for a limited number of participants. Read more >>


Clinically Relevant Assessment EQAS

All medical laboratories and point-of-care testing sites are recommended to verify their measurement quality through external quality assessment. Furthermore, external quality assessment is a basic requirement in all quality systems associated with laboratory operations. Labquality´s EQA schemes fully comply with ISO/EN 15189 requirements.

Local Partners create additional value

Labquality has EQA partners in more than 30 countries. Professional partners have high expertise in laboratory medicine and external quality assessment. Our partners support EQA customers in their native language and help them to improve and maintain high quality.

Delivery Calendar

We organise external quality assessment schemes based on an annually-published programme. The exact sample delivery dates are published in our delivery schedule a number of weeks before the delivery.


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