Labquality – A full-service quality company

We are an independent, unbiased, Finnish service provider. The purpose of our company is to develop quality and promote patient safety in health and social care, a goal that forms the foundation of our operations. The pillars that support our company are our core tasks: quality control, quality assessments and certification and training. And the roof of our company comprises the values that guide our operations: responsibility, reliability, expertise, and customer focus.

We are continuously developing new, customer-oriented service concepts for the health and social care sector, which is currently undergoing profound changes. Our experience spanning half a century has provided us with the ability to listen to our customers, even when asking questions is difficult and the answers are hard to find.

We take an active approach to using new innovations in the development of our services, while always bearing in mind ethical and ecological aspects. Working for a better future is important to us – we aim to create cost savings and to minimize our consumption and environmental impact.  To make life easier for our customers, we continuously develop our operations and engage in careful planning to ensure our operational capabilities now and in the future.

We place a particularly high value on our staff’s well-being. For that reason, we want to offer a safe, open, and pleasant working environment to our entire team.

It is pivotal to us that

  • Labquality’s main quality assessment schemes are accredited in accordance with the standard ISO 17043 (FINAS, PT02, ISO 17043:2010), a list of the accredited products is available upon request and can be seen in the product search on our website
  • Labquality’s management system has received ISO 9001 certification (DQS), and
  • Labquality’s certification activities are overseen by an independent and unbiased Quality Council.

The Path to Perfect Quality

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