It all began with a cow called Strawberry

Quality assessment operations began more than four decades ago when laboratory professionals realized such interventions were sorely needed. The first step toward quality assurance was taken with a joint control program involving nine Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa (HUS) laboratories. The program was known as Operation Strawberry, after the cow that donated the project’s first blood control sample.

The project also marked the beginning of Labquality.

In the 1960s, professionals in the field realized that results produced by different laboratories showed huge variation. Chemists Sakari Närvänen and Matti Nuutinen noted that the range between the lowest and the highest test results could be staggering. Jokingly, they stated that “a patient’s anemia could be cured during transport from one hospital to another.”

This humorous comment spurred the chemists to perform a comparison of various hospital laboratories. On the basis of these results, Operation Strawberry was launched in 1966, with cow serum used for quality tests at HUS laboratories. Finally, this project led to our company being established in 1971.

Vanguard of quality in laboratory operations for half a century

Almost 70 % of medical diagnoses are based on laboratory test results. Accurate and reliable laboratory tests are required to ensure patient safety and high-quality care. For almost 50 years, Labquality Oy has been involved in the promotion of quality in medical laboratories.

Today, Labquality Oy provides services to more than 5000 customers the world over. We produce quality-related services for health and social care providers, and we are also a significant training organization. We have almost 2000 customers in Finland alone. Our 45-strong team of professionals also works in close collaboration with Finland’s leading operators in the fields of quality, laboratory medicine, and chemistry to guarantee high-quality services. We can state with confidence that we are Finland’s largest provider of medical quality services.

Labquality’s owners, Board of Directors, and management

Labquality Ltd is owned by COR Group.

The company’s Board of Directors is responsible for governing the company and arranging its operations in line with its articles of association, applicable laws, and the decisions of the general meetings.

Chairman of the board is Olli Karhi and member of the board is Labquality’s Managing Director Juha-Pekka Nuutinen.


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