Path to Perfect Quality

Labquality has been at the forefront of promoting patient safety for more than 50 years. The company specializes in the quality assessment and quality assurance of clinical laboratories and the worldwide registration of medical devices and IVD devices. Our clinically relevant EQA programs and quality controls are recognized internationally. For health technology organizations, Labquality’s team of experts provides high-quality services related to industry regulation, quality management and marketing authorizations.

From the pre-analytical phase to post-analytics

Labquality’s new Integrated EQA programmes provide full compliance with EN/ISO 15189 standard requirements. The new types of external quality assessment schemes are designed to cover the whole laboratory examination process.

Are you familiar with Bioclin QC products?

Labquality´s own Bioclin quality controls are available internationally. The Bioclin product family  includes popular third party quality controls for medical laboratories and point of care testing sites.

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