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New EQA Schemes

5678, 5679, 5680 New molecular EQA schemes for HBV, HCV and HIV

Virtual microscopy scheme for clinical laboratories

Virtual microscopy scheme for clinical laboratories

Virtual microscopy scheme for clinical laboratories

EQA scheme for clinical laboratories and POCT units

Preanalytics scheme for clinical chemistry laboratories

Preanalytics scheme for personnel that do phlebotomy and use point of care devices

Preanalytics scheme for microbiology laboratories

Prenalytics scheme for units that use blood gas analyzers




Education and training

Education and training services:

Labquality’s mission is to improve patient safety by offering clinical laboratories educational External Quality Assessment Schemes (EQA). In addition to that, Labquality aims to enhance the know-how of laboratories by training services specifically designed for this purpose.

Labquality is offering also quality assessments and training in quality management to organizations in the Finnish social and health care sector .

Network training

Courses offered through the Internet support the implementation of Labquality’s mission, improvement of patient safety. An online course is a great way to enhance the know-how.  Studying online is flexible due to independent of time and place. It is also cost-effective; no travelling, accommodation expenses or absence from the workplace are involved. Online studying alongside one’s daily job provides an excellent forum for learning new things, also through the inter-participant communication and sharing of best practices.

The previous online courses studied alongside full-time work has received very positive feedback:

  • ”An online course works very well as a learning environment”
  • ”The online course materials were excellent”
  • ”We were given good study materials and strains for further study”
  • ”Communication via the Internet and work in our own lab enabled us to pace work and study according to our own schedules”
  • ”An extremely practical course”
  • ”More courses like this, please!”