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New EQA Schemes

5678, 5679, 5680 New molecular EQA schemes for HBV, HCV and HIV

Virtual microscopy scheme for clinical laboratories

Virtual microscopy scheme for clinical laboratories

Virtual microscopy scheme for clinical laboratories

EQA scheme for clinical laboratories and POCT units

Preanalytics scheme for clinical chemistry laboratories

Preanalytics scheme for personnel that do phlebotomy and use point of care devices

Preanalytics scheme for microbiology laboratories

Prenalytics scheme for units that use blood gas analyzers




EQAS, IQAS and training services

Labquality is a Finnish, independent service company focused on patient safety and the quality of healthcare. Labquality assists customers in developing and maintaining their quality performance by offering external quality assessment services as well as quality certification & education services to laboratories and various healthcare organisations. Labquality´s services are used by over 4,500 customers in Finland and Europe. Read more  


Labquality offers EQA schemes for all areas of laboratory medicine. With EQA, laboratories can monitor and improve the quality of their analytics while getting an independent assessment of their performance.

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Labquality offers high-quality controls, calibrators and reference materials for internal quality assurance. Third party controls provide an independent, unbiased assessment of test systems and play an essential role in ensuring day-to-day consistency.

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Labquality Education provides training for healthcare professionals with the objective of continuously improving patient safety. Labquality Days congress on laboratory medicine, as well as other training events on quality, form the core of today's offering.

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